Choosing a best mail server for your corporate requirements

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mail serverCommunication, particularly business communication, has become a very simple and convenient process due to the constant developments made in the field of Information Technology. The advent of Email or Electronic Mail has made communication a virtually effortless task. It is used to handle internal exchange between employees and different branches of a company, interaction with clients and vendors regarding orders, purchases, support, etc., to send out marketing and promotional newsletters on a specifically timed basis – the usage and advantages of Email are endless. The most important advantage that is provided by Email is the saving on time. Mails sent by regular post can take anywhere between a day to a week or more, depending on the destination. Whereas a Mail server, which is like the digital version of a post office, provides the facility to transmit an Email to its recipient in mere seconds. Time is money and Email saves on it by reducing communication costs to a great degree and it additionally it speeds up the business process on the whole, thereby increasing productivity and profits.

For business communication, it is essential that a dedicated Email server is set up, to ensure that the transfer of Emails is done smoothly within a protected and secure environment. The transmission of Email depends mainly on the key element named SMTP or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. This is the technology that allows people to send and receive mails via a mail server. The best option for any business is to have a dedicated Email server to manage all its communication needs. SecuraNET is one such company that provides dedicated solutions for all business mailing requirements. They provide secure connectivity between client and server and Emails are transferred inter and intra domain through the SMTP server and delivered via POP3. The functioning of the SMTP is not very complex. When someone sends and Email, it travels through the root server and is then processed via SMTP which reads the origin and destination addresses, parses the latter and identifies the recipient ID and domain and sends the Email across to be delivered via POP3.

Communication Server – Mail Server

SecuraNET provides corporate Email server solutions to businesses of any nature and operational size. It does not make sense for a company to set up their own servers in-house for Email communication. All that involves a huge amount of expenditure for infrastructure, hardware, manpower, etc. More convenient and cost effective solutions are at hand, with companies providing professional Email services with dedicated and secure servers for business communications. These companies come outfitted with the hardware and infrastructure that can cater to any type of individual requirements. The service provider has a team of skilled and qualified professionals who are trained specifically in this field and who help to provide the best possible solutions and services to its clients. The servers are equipped with the best possible security software to ensure that important and sensitive Email data is in no way compromised. The dedicated service provides companies with individual domains to make Email communication an easier and more professional process.

Dedicated Email Server solutions for corporate help to reduce cost burden

SecuraNET Email Server – Mail Solutions

mail-solutionsBusiness communication has evolved and expanded over the years. The core mode of contact has gone from paper to digital. Even though paper mails still exist, most of the marketing communiqué́ and day to day interaction between colleagues, associates, clients and vendors take place through the digital medium of Email or electronic mail. This is a very uncomplicated and efficient system and no business house can function without it in today’s world. The need for a disciplined and structured management of this communication system calls for the hiring of a professional company that provides corporate Email Solutions.

A company that has the expertise and suitable infrastructure to offer dedicated email services under a secure environment to corporate houses, is what is required for all businesses to ensure safe and efficient email exchanges. This ensures that all Emails are transmitted and received with almost no margin for error and the exchange is protected from virus infections and hackers and other intruders are also kept out of the system.

Hiring a corporate email service equips a business with a host of advantages, the most significant ones being the expense and security. With a professional unit, you have the entire setup ready to use almost instantly and it is completely protected by all kinds of security covers such as anti virus protection, anti spam software, a powerful firewall and more. And hiring all this costs a fraction of what it would to build the entire system by the corporate firm in-house. There is a huge saving on manpower and infrastructure. All the security applications adhere to the latest mail server technologies and are updated on a regular basis to keep all the safeguarding components up to date.

Mail Server – Web Mail Solutions

securanet_email_solutionsThese security components are extremely crucial for any email server, particularly for business requirements. This is because there are a large number of confidential and sensitive emails that are exchanged everyday and a business cannot risk having those mails compromised by hackers or damaged by virus. The anti spam software makes sure that all junk mail are either bounced back immediately or sent to the junk mail folder which is emptied out at regular intervals. This reduces the pressure on the mail server which would have otherwise become bloated and often unusable too, with spam and junk mails.

Email server solutions offered by a professional service provider come with another huge benefit and that is a dedicated email server. This gives the business clients extremely effective and dependable Email Solutions at very affordable rates. With the dedicated server, there is even lesser chance of any hacking since it is used only by the employees of an individual company.

This is a much more flexible solution for any business and allows the client to have individual domains with unlimited emails accounts and the option to access their mail through an email client or via a web interface. Address books, calendars and task schedulers are also available and can be shared and synched between different accounts. All in all, corporate email service with dedicated mail server solutions is a cost effective and indispensable part of any business of today.

Mailing Solutions for various Business purposes

web mail serverGood communication is the key to flourishing business practices. It is not only what keeps a business running smoothly, but also helps it thrive and achieve greater success and make profitable expansions. Hence, it is extremely important for a business to have top class Email Solutions that will take care of all the aspects of this section of the business operations and make thing s more productive and efficient all around. While the chief aspect of communication is now carried out in a digital format, the use of paper mail is still not out of date. It features very prominently in all business communication, no matter how big or small. Managing paper mail can be a lengthy and time consuming process, however, there are now various means available by which the entire procedure can become a much shorter practice and this can cut down on costs by a great deal too. Automated solutions for printing and preparing the letters and the envelopes can be installed to make the process much easier. There are computerized machines available for addressing the envelopes and also for folding and inserting the printed letters into these envelopes. This proves to be an extremely convenient and cost effective solution for marketing mailers and newsletters that need to be printed and mailed in bulk.

Communication Server – Mail Server

As mentioned before, the key component of mail communication is digital mail or Email. And though it may seem that it is a simple and swift process that should not require much attention, which is not true. Email is definitely a form of communication that is speedy and usually effortless, but such mail exchange needs to be done in a safe and secure environment and for this, a business needs to implement effective Email Solution to take care of all the aspects of digital communications. One can physically set up the entire email server on their business premises, but that would involve high expenses and skilled manpower for all sorts of resources like machinery, infrastructure and more. It makes much more sense to hire the services of a professional Email Service providing company that offers excellent solutions for all kinds of digital communication through their specialized setup in a safe and secure environment. Such a certified service would provide their customers with the benefits of the latest technology in Email communication and precautionary measures such as secure servers, anti virus, anti spam and highly efficient firewalls are installed and constantly updated to ensure that confidential business mail is always transmitted in a protected environment.

Email exchange is conducted using mailing software such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc; and besides this, the web interface is also used to manage the same. An Email service providing company can also provide excellent Web Mail Solutions for their clients. A domain for the business is registered which is used for customized email IDs and a secure webmail interface is available so that clients can access their mails from anywhere in the world without the help of any separate software. SecuraNET is one such company that provides the best possible solutions for all your mail communication needs, at very affordable prices.

Advantages of Dedicated Email Service

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Communication is an extremely important aspect of any type of business, anywhere in the world. It is one of the basic elements that hold a business together, no matter what size it is. In this area, electronic mail or Email has become the main form of communication. Advancements in Information Technology have given businesses the advantage of using this form of mail interaction, be it with clients, vendors or for internal contact between employees and different branches. Corporate Email Solutions are provided by various service providers to facilitate this exchange of mails in a secure and streamlined manner. Each business can have their custom domain with individual email addresses that are corresponding to that particular domain. The operation of this dedicated Email service does not require the company to set up a website using that domain name as well.

There are two ways to go about setting up a personalized solution for Email communication. One way is for the company to purchase and set up their own servers and use their own grid to transfer Emails back and forth. However, this method involves a great deal of investment in infrastructure, machinery, software and manpower. There are also extensive formalities one has to go through for licenses and other official requisites. The second option is the more affordable and hassle free choice – hire a professional Email service provider, such as SecuraNET, who offers a wide range of Mail Solutions for dedicated Email communications. This allows a business to avail of a dedicated Email service at a much reduced cost with the advantage of state of the art technology and up to date equipments and software.

There are many benefits of paying for a dedicated Email service. Firstly, and most importantly, is the security aspect of the solution. Since the service provider is a professional outfit that concentrates on this particular type of service, their Mail Server has first-rate security measurements implemented for the protection of their clients’ emails which are usually confidential and might contain sensitive data. High quality firewalls and sufficient encryption measures are set in place to ensure the best possible safety and security for the Emails that are transmitted. Anti virus and anti spam software are also very important and these service providers have the appropriate options installed and these are updated on a regular basis.

A company like SecuraNET provides their users with large amounts of storage space for their mail communication. Emails are not always just text and often large files are attached to them. This requires ample space for each account so that there are no errors. A large storage space also allows a user to backup their important Emails and this is an added feature often provided by the mail vendor. Sharing is another option that proves to be very useful for internal communication, especially for address books. Contact lists can be shared between employees via the Email server.

All these benefits add up to give business exceptional advantages when they choose dedicated solutions like SecuraNET for Email services.

Email to paper mail – useful solutions available in the INDIA

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SecuraNET : Web Mail Server

What is mail and why does it play a chief role in our lives, especially for businesses? It is a form of communication that has evolved as the most significant way to interact with customers, vendors and even exchange between different branches of a company. Orders, purchases, contracts, confidential documentation are all sent as mail in different forms. With the advances that have been made in Information Technology, the mode of mail communication has been digitized into the form of electronic mail or Email.

But even then, the requirement for hard copies, or paper mail has not been completely pushed aside. There are much important documentation that require a paper copy. This has given rise to the need for a competently managed mailing system and consolidated Mail Solutions. These solutions need to be efficient enough to sort out all the different types of mails, digital or paper, and oversee that there are no errors in transfers.

A business house has the option to choose two different ways to go about getting an efficient mail system in place. One is, they can have an in-house department that types up and organizes the transfer of paper mail and also a mail management section in their IT department. However, this involves the employing of additional manpower and installing the requisite machines for printing, scanning, etc. This translates into additional overheads as well and it saddles the Human Resources department with a lot of extra effort and paperwork. Hence, it makes more sense for a business to go in for the alternative solution – hiring a company that provides effective hybrid mail solutions.

This is a system that has fast gained a lot of popularity, particularly in the INDIA, because of the innovative service method and the savings made in the long run. The postal service in this country does not always deliver smoothly and this has led to the emergence and growth of hybrid mail service. A company like SecuraNET is one of the best in the INDIA and provides its customers with Wen Mail Solutions as well as the management and delivery of paper mail. There might be some doubt about the reliability and security of allowing a third party vendor to have access to all your mail. But rest assured, since there is stiff competition in this sector and each service provider is trying to outdo the other by offering more advantages and better prices, they take utmost care to maintain privacy and security for their clients’ mails, so that there is no room for error or blaming.

This unique mailing system translates digital mail into hard copies and hand delivers them to the requisite destination. Clients send the document or letter as an Email to the service provider, who usually has their own secure Mail Server to manage the entire arrangement. The Emails are printed out, sealed inside addressed envelopes and there is a team of delivery people who distribute them to the required destinations. The customer can track the status of his mail right up to the delivery and he gets a confirmation for it as well and all this at a very reasonable price – a figure much less than what it would cost to have the entire process being done in-house, with printing and postage. Businesses in the INDIA have benefited a great deal because of the mailing solutions provided by a service providers like SecuraNET. Their postal woes are now a thing of the past and they are also saving a lot on manpower and infrastructure.

Implementing efficient business Mail Solutions lowers operational costs

What does every single business in the world have in common, whether it is a large scale operation or small? The answer is – Mail. Without this a company would fail to operate. Mail, in any form, digital or paper, is one of the key components that make a business function. There are communications with clients and vendors, internal exchanges between different departments, marketing and promotional mailers, postal packages for goods sold and much more. If all these mail procedures are not streamlined and planned in a resourceful manner, then the business is bound to incur huge expenses which would lead to diminished profits or even loss. Therefore every business needs constructive Mail Solutions. This will not only make the processes more efficient, but it will also ensure the reduction of mail related expenses and decrease additional overheads as well. Thus increasing the business’ productivity and lead to a rise in profits too.

For snail mail and direct mailers for marketing, and postage packages, there are solutions such as envelope printers, postage meters, online printing of postages, which cut down on costs as well as the time taken to handle these tasks. It pays to plan ahead and lay out your budget carefully. Doing some research on the kind of services available in the market and going with the best mailing solutions offered, make the jobs function more smoothly and at lower costs. Similarly for digital mail, practical and versatile Email Solution guarantee the capable and cost effective handling of related mail tasks and help to make the communications of the business more efficient. SecuraNET is a well known company that offers professional and resourceful solutions for business mailing. Solutions that help to restructure your email communications in a very capable manner, in a virtual environment that is completely safe and secure.

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The most important criterion of digital mail is secure communication. Business mail, no matter what the subject matter, needs to be transmitted through a safe tunnel. It is up to the mail server to provide the precautionary measures that will ensure that the mail communication cannot be intercepted by unknown or unwanted sources. Often highly confidential communication is exchanged between a business and its vendors or clients. If the transmission channel is not secured properly, it leaves the door wide open to hackers who could easily seize the mail while in transit, thus causing great losses to the business. Similarly, trojans and other virus infections can damage sensitive mail data if the mail server does not have appropriate anti-virus solutions and firewall security installed. The Email Solutions provider that a business designates to take care of its mail communications, should be able to guarantee the highest levels of security and lowest margins of error.

SecuraNET offers its clients top of the line Webmail Solutions with salient features that make business communication simple, effective and secure. Clients can be assured that operational costs will be lowered with the implementation of their customized mailing system that integrates essential products and services such as, anti-virus, spam killers and LDAP or directory services. Through this mailing system, employees can use mail clients like Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc to communicate, as well as log in to their company’s mail through a secure web page to access the Webmail. Using a single solution to simplify the mailing procedure, for regular email communications as well as sending out marketing mails and newsletters, also ensures that the business cuts down on time and cost by a great deal. This is the key element to a cost effective way of garnering increased profits.

What to look for when choosing a Free Email Server

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Electronic Mail, or Email – it has changed the way people communicate with each other. With the advent of Information Technology and its continuously developing capabilities, there has been a vast evolution of communication, be it personal or business. With the introduction of electronic mail, the matter of communicating has become such a simplified task. Correspondence, that would take days and sometimes months to reach the other side of the globe, can be delivered to its destination in a few seconds via the digital medium. So how does this work? An Email Server is at the hub of the digital mail exchange. This server acts like a post office for mails that are being transmitted back and forth. Each email account has a unique email ID that acts as its address. The server parses this ID and sends the email to its designated destination. Now, how do you go about getting yourself the service of an email server? Well, there are many free options available on the internet. You just have to take care to select the right one for you.

There are a few things a person needs to keep in mind when going about the task of choosing a free email service. The most important point being free does not mean the best. But there are good services and the not so good ones. You need to weigh the pros and cons and list the best features offered by each, make a comparison chart and then decide on the server that best suits your needs. First and foremost, a Mail Server needs to be reliable and secure. When checking out servers for email communication, confirm that the uptime is no less than 99%. This will ensure that you are never left hanging all of a sudden when sending out an email of waiting for an important mail to come in. Security is also of great importance. The free service provider should be operating via a secure server and have updated antivirus and anti spam software installed so that your correspondence, which is often of confidential or sensitive nature, is not compromised in any way. The risk of hacker intrusion and virus infection is then at the minimum level. The storage space offered to each account on the server is also of much importance. If you are looking for a free server for business emails, then you will want one that provides sufficient amount of server space as well as a reasonable size limit for file attachments. Otherwise there is the risk of mails getting deleting or bouncing back to the sender.

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Communication Email Server, whether a free or paid service, should offer its clients the provision of having POP3 access for emails. There are many free email services that provide this feature and that should always count as a big advantage when making your decision. POP3 access allows the user to send and receive email via a mail client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, etc. and he does not have to be dependant only on the web interface supplied by the service provider. This translates into greater flexibility and ease of use for the customer. These are some of the basic points that any individual or business needs to check when on the lookout for a free email server that best suit his requirements. The absence or presence of these features and options will help him decide, which is the most appropriate free email service for him or his business?

Installing a Communication Server for the Office

communication email server copyEffective communication is the key to managing any business. Whether it is a large scale business or a small scale one, good communication keeps all the tasks and various operations flowing smoothly and efficiently. So how does one bring about this competent communication system for a business in today’s fast moving world? With the help of Information Technology, of course, the advent of digital communication systems has made this job much simpler than it used to be in earlier days. Modern digital tools allow a business to set up a central Communication Server that is well equipped to easily handle all types of contact between the employees of a company. Be it landline or mobile telephony, video calling, Email, audio and video conference calls, Fax, the server is capable of managing all of that and more. The central system also acts as contacts and employee information database and a files server as well. Important documents can be stored within the server and can be accessed by any authorized personnel from any location.

A server that is set up for office communications is also used for providing Email Solutions for the company. For example, the SecuraNET server for communications acts as a virtual post office. All Email communications are transmitted through the server and messages are stored on the server for easy retrieval from any location. The different types of Email protocols, like POP3, SMTP and IMAP are supported by the server. These protocols can be configured as required by the office and can receive Emails either from the internet service provider or directly from the internet. We now live in a world of mobile communication, hence it is essential that the server is able to handle mobile telephony and it allows cellphones to be able to connect with it to send and receive Emails. Smartphones of today can be configured to be tethered to the Email server to handle Email transmission, thus making communication more easy and efficient.

Audio and video calls can be managed quite adeptly through the server that is set up for office communications. The server uses the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP to offer a platform for telephony that is more flexible and secure. The number of employees does not matter as the telecommunications server can handle handful employees as well as thousands of them with equal competence. There are certain features and options that improve voice calling functionality. Through the server, a single number can be designated for both landline as well as a mobile phone. And it allows the computer to be used as a dialing station, thereby eliminating the chances of any errors while calling. Just like it is set up as a Communication Email Server, this system also lets the employees make video calls simply with the click of a few buttons. Conference calls are also made easy with this server system. Both video and audio conference calls can be set up with the help the server, using the computer, landline or the mobile phone. Calendar features are available for the input of appointment schedules and various other task reminders. Important files and documents can also be stored centrally on the server for easy retrieval as and when required, from any location. Never before has office communication been more efficient and simplified than with the implementation of a server to handle all possible communications.

Email Server system for your business

Our world has gradually transformed into one that is greatly dependant on the digital platform. Advancements in Information Technology has brought about major changes in the way we communicate with each other and hand written communiqué has given way to the digital format of Electronic Mail or Email, particularly where business correspondence is concerned. So, how does this Electronic Mail work? The central character in this process is the Email Server. This is like a virtual post office that manages all the Emails passing through it and receives them for the intended contact or sends them off to the required destination. There are various protocols that are used to facilitate the Email exchanging process. When an Email is sent, it uses standard SMTP. This Simple Mail Transfer Protocol forwards the mail to its correct location. This works in tandem with two other protocols that are used for receiving Emails. These are the Post Office Protocol or POP3 server and the Internet Mail Access Protocol or the IMAP server.

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SecuraNET Communication Email Server & Webmail Solutions

The process of sending and receiving Emails through the Mail Server is facilitated by the use of mail clients. These are programs that allow the user to type out an Email and connect to the server to send it across to the addressed person. The mail client also acts as a receiving agent for any Email communication addressed to the user. Some popular Email applications that are used nowadays are Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, Pegasus, Gmail, etc. An Email address acts as the unique identifier for a person and when sending or receiving mails, this is what determines where exactly the Email needs to reach. Once sent, the Email passes through the SMTP server, which resolves the Email ID and associated domain for the receiver and then forwards the mail accordingly. If there is an error in the address or a problem with the destination domain, then the server retries four times before rendering the transmission a failure and bouncing the Email back to the sender. If the address is resolved successfully then the SMTP server sends the mail to its address where it reaches the receiver through the POP3 or IMAP server configured at his end.

Email Server Solutions are offered by some companies free of cost, whereas there are paid options too, that offer better features and functionality and a more robust and secure server. These paid servers are mainly meant for business communications, where large amounts of confidential Emails and data are transferred every day. For business purposes, a custom server for Email communication can be set up at any specific location, as required by the company. This allows them to have complete control over the entire Electronic Mail communication system and it also cuts down on the likelihood of the server being compromised by the way of hacking or virus infections. The SecuraNET Mail Server is one such solution that offers its clients the power to be in command of the entire set up. Emails can be sent and received via the LAN or WAN besides the internet. The transmission of Emails is streamlined in a manner that the bandwidth usage is reduced and performance is improved. The SecuraNET system offers greater privacy and security options for the customer, which is greatly required in a business setup. The server is also capable of efficiently operating alongside applications such as the Microsoft Exchange, which allows it to share common contacts databases and authentication points for improved transmission of Emails.

Selecting an the right Email Server for your business

#securanet_mail_serverCommunication is what keeps one person connected with another. It is what facilitates dialogue between businesses and it is also how employees within a company associate with each other to keep all work processes up to date and relay information of any kind. In today’s world of Information Technology, communication has achieved a digital form and one of the most popular and convenient forms of interacting are via electronic mail or Email. This allows the transformation of the practice of letter writing into digital communiqué and adds some bells and whistles to it, not to mention speedier delivery. The backbone of Email communication is the Email Server that processes the mails and receives or sends them to their correct destinations as and when needed. These servers function based of different technologies or protocols. They are – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) and Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).

Like it does for a website, Email transfer works through communication between the client and the server. The client being the machine from which the Email is being sent or the one that is receiving and Email. The server is the central unit that manages all the mail transfers. These servers managing the Emails are machines of high speed and configuration and operate through software programs that are designed to handle Email communication. The server machines are capable of processing millions of client requests in a second. The Email addresses of the sender and the receiver and the domain names attached to them act as the main identifiers that are needed for the transfer of the communication. The SMTP server sends out the Email and the unique Internet Protocol (IP) address associated with each domain and address helps the Email processing server to organize and send out each Email to its designated destination.

>Email service is provided by many vendors and some are free and some are paid services that offer something extra. There are a number of companies that provide Email Solutions to different businesses and they have their own server setup that provides this service to their clients. These Email service providers supply the same basic services as the free service provider, but there are a number of different additional features offered by them that make their service a better option for businesses. When any businesses is searching the market for a good solutions provider to manage his company’s Email service, he should have a checklist to ensure that the service provider that he selects is the right choice for him and gives him good value for money.

The main thing to check in an Email Service provider is the kind of Communication Email Server they use and the technology that they have to offer. The speed and configuration of the server is of utmost importance. And even more important is the security solutions that they have implemented for the server. The communication that is transferred pertains to business data that can be sensitive and confidential. Hence it is very essential that the server dealing with the communication is protected from hacking and virus infections that would damage or cause the loss of business information. Reliability of the server is of top priority. A service provider like SecuraNET ensures that its clients are provided with top class Email service and that the communiqué is kept safe and secure during its transfer and that the server has a near perfect uptime.