Benefits of Using Dedicated Communication Email Server

email serverEmail servers are programs that are used to send and receive multiple messages from more than one computer. Email solutions are not depended on any specific geographical location – emails can be sent to any region of the world 24 hours a day. While there are many public email server systems found in the world such as Gmail, Yahoo mail, and so on, many businesses are seen using and maintaining their own servers. This is called dedicated email server.

Dedicated email servers give complete control of one’s email lists. That is, a professional can use the emailing engine to send and receive any number of messages per day without being answerable to any third party. Public email servers have some restrictions with regard to the number of emails send every day. Sending large number of emails or large files may take longer time to get delivered. However, when dedicated communication email server is used then such problems can be easily resolved.

A completely controlled email server solution can ensure a business privacy, better control and avoidance of any unwanted emails and viruses. Moreover, privately owned email servers don’t have restricted space or time limit – you can send large bulk of emails to multiple recipients at any moment.

There are certain advantages of installing dedicated email solution over the usage of a public server.

Emails reach faster

Using a dedicated server will let you send large volumes of emails within a short span of time. Emails get delivered faster compared to public email servers. It also becomes much easier to open an email attachment or download heavy file rather than to wait for long to open or download the same. Besides, mails reach your inbox faster as well.

Per user mailbox charges nil

A communication email solution doesn’t require you to pay for every user mailbox that you access. Thus, with your own in-house businesses communication server system, you can save cost and at any time access different mailboxes.

Add/remove users without taking permission

There is absolutely no need to take permission from a third party to add or remove a particular user from accessing your email server. For example, you can easily remove an ex-employee from viewing all your business emails henceforth. Similarly, a new joiner can easily be added to access your business emails.

Usage of printers and faxes

Businesses can easily use printers to print out an email hard-copy. Similarly, fax machine can be used to fax an important message to another person.

Elimination of spam mails

Any kind of spam mails, malware, viruses, etc. can be eliminated completely once you start using a business email server. Public email servers easily allow individuals to send you rubbish emails or emails that don’t interest you. However, such spam or unwanted emails can be avoided once you install a business email solution.

Less costly

At a quite low cost, you can get a business email server. Many companies offer great discounts to businesses who wish to purchase a dedicated mail server. Besides, you can maintain full privacy and control using a professional email server solution.

You can use a dedicated server to send as many targeted emails you want at any given time. Through targeted email marketing, businesses can increase their chances of products sale and in turn resulting in higher profit.

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