Installing a Communication Server for the Office

communication email server copyEffective communication is the key to managing any business. Whether it is a large scale business or a small scale one, good communication keeps all the tasks and various operations flowing smoothly and efficiently. So how does one bring about this competent communication system for a business in today’s fast moving world? With the help of Information Technology, of course, the advent of digital communication systems has made this job much simpler than it used to be in earlier days. Modern digital tools allow a business to set up a central Communication Server that is well equipped to easily handle all types of contact between the employees of a company. Be it landline or mobile telephony, video calling, Email, audio and video conference calls, Fax, the server is capable of managing all of that and more. The central system also acts as contacts and employee information database and a files server as well. Important documents can be stored within the server and can be accessed by any authorized personnel from any location.

A server that is set up for office communications is also used for providing Email Solutions for the company. For example, the SecuraNET server for communications acts as a virtual post office. All Email communications are transmitted through the server and messages are stored on the server for easy retrieval from any location. The different types of Email protocols, like POP3, SMTP and IMAP are supported by the server. These protocols can be configured as required by the office and can receive Emails either from the internet service provider or directly from the internet. We now live in a world of mobile communication, hence it is essential that the server is able to handle mobile telephony and it allows cellphones to be able to connect with it to send and receive Emails. Smartphones of today can be configured to be tethered to the Email server to handle Email transmission, thus making communication more easy and efficient.

Audio and video calls can be managed quite adeptly through the server that is set up for office communications. The server uses the Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP to offer a platform for telephony that is more flexible and secure. The number of employees does not matter as the telecommunications server can handle handful employees as well as thousands of them with equal competence. There are certain features and options that improve voice calling functionality. Through the server, a single number can be designated for both landline as well as a mobile phone. And it allows the computer to be used as a dialing station, thereby eliminating the chances of any errors while calling. Just like it is set up as a Communication Email Server, this system also lets the employees make video calls simply with the click of a few buttons. Conference calls are also made easy with this server system. Both video and audio conference calls can be set up with the help the server, using the computer, landline or the mobile phone. Calendar features are available for the input of appointment schedules and various other task reminders. Important files and documents can also be stored centrally on the server for easy retrieval as and when required, from any location. Never before has office communication been more efficient and simplified than with the implementation of a server to handle all possible communications.

Email Server system for your business

Our world has gradually transformed into one that is greatly dependant on the digital platform. Advancements in Information Technology has brought about major changes in the way we communicate with each other and hand written communiqué has given way to the digital format of Electronic Mail or Email, particularly where business correspondence is concerned. So, how does this Electronic Mail work? The central character in this process is the Email Server. This is like a virtual post office that manages all the Emails passing through it and receives them for the intended contact or sends them off to the required destination. There are various protocols that are used to facilitate the Email exchanging process. When an Email is sent, it uses standard SMTP. This Simple Mail Transfer Protocol forwards the mail to its correct location. This works in tandem with two other protocols that are used for receiving Emails. These are the Post Office Protocol or POP3 server and the Internet Mail Access Protocol or the IMAP server.

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SecuraNET Communication Email Server & Webmail Solutions

The process of sending and receiving Emails through the Mail Server is facilitated by the use of mail clients. These are programs that allow the user to type out an Email and connect to the server to send it across to the addressed person. The mail client also acts as a receiving agent for any Email communication addressed to the user. Some popular Email applications that are used nowadays are Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora, Pegasus, Gmail, etc. An Email address acts as the unique identifier for a person and when sending or receiving mails, this is what determines where exactly the Email needs to reach. Once sent, the Email passes through the SMTP server, which resolves the Email ID and associated domain for the receiver and then forwards the mail accordingly. If there is an error in the address or a problem with the destination domain, then the server retries four times before rendering the transmission a failure and bouncing the Email back to the sender. If the address is resolved successfully then the SMTP server sends the mail to its address where it reaches the receiver through the POP3 or IMAP server configured at his end.

Email Server Solutions are offered by some companies free of cost, whereas there are paid options too, that offer better features and functionality and a more robust and secure server. These paid servers are mainly meant for business communications, where large amounts of confidential Emails and data are transferred every day. For business purposes, a custom server for Email communication can be set up at any specific location, as required by the company. This allows them to have complete control over the entire Electronic Mail communication system and it also cuts down on the likelihood of the server being compromised by the way of hacking or virus infections. The SecuraNET Mail Server is one such solution that offers its clients the power to be in command of the entire set up. Emails can be sent and received via the LAN or WAN besides the internet. The transmission of Emails is streamlined in a manner that the bandwidth usage is reduced and performance is improved. The SecuraNET system offers greater privacy and security options for the customer, which is greatly required in a business setup. The server is also capable of efficiently operating alongside applications such as the Microsoft Exchange, which allows it to share common contacts databases and authentication points for improved transmission of Emails.

Selecting an the right Email Server for your business

#securanet_mail_serverCommunication is what keeps one person connected with another. It is what facilitates dialogue between businesses and it is also how employees within a company associate with each other to keep all work processes up to date and relay information of any kind. In today’s world of Information Technology, communication has achieved a digital form and one of the most popular and convenient forms of interacting are via electronic mail or Email. This allows the transformation of the practice of letter writing into digital communiqué and adds some bells and whistles to it, not to mention speedier delivery. The backbone of Email communication is the Email Server that processes the mails and receives or sends them to their correct destinations as and when needed. These servers function based of different technologies or protocols. They are – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), Post Office Protocol 3 (POP3) and Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP).

Like it does for a website, Email transfer works through communication between the client and the server. The client being the machine from which the Email is being sent or the one that is receiving and Email. The server is the central unit that manages all the mail transfers. These servers managing the Emails are machines of high speed and configuration and operate through software programs that are designed to handle Email communication. The server machines are capable of processing millions of client requests in a second. The Email addresses of the sender and the receiver and the domain names attached to them act as the main identifiers that are needed for the transfer of the communication. The SMTP server sends out the Email and the unique Internet Protocol (IP) address associated with each domain and address helps the Email processing server to organize and send out each Email to its designated destination.

>Email service is provided by many vendors and some are free and some are paid services that offer something extra. There are a number of companies that provide Email Solutions to different businesses and they have their own server setup that provides this service to their clients. These Email service providers supply the same basic services as the free service provider, but there are a number of different additional features offered by them that make their service a better option for businesses. When any businesses is searching the market for a good solutions provider to manage his company’s Email service, he should have a checklist to ensure that the service provider that he selects is the right choice for him and gives him good value for money.

The main thing to check in an Email Service provider is the kind of Communication Email Server they use and the technology that they have to offer. The speed and configuration of the server is of utmost importance. And even more important is the security solutions that they have implemented for the server. The communication that is transferred pertains to business data that can be sensitive and confidential. Hence it is very essential that the server dealing with the communication is protected from hacking and virus infections that would damage or cause the loss of business information. Reliability of the server is of top priority. A service provider like SecuraNET ensures that its clients are provided with top class Email service and that the communiqué is kept safe and secure during its transfer and that the server has a near perfect uptime.